2010 Short-term Travel Grants to Japan Program

Announcement of continuation of the implementation of 2010 Short-term Travel Grants to Japan Program
    It is with great pleasure we would like to inform to all concerned we are ready to continue the implementation of Short-term Travel Grants to Japan Program developed by EJUST Center at Kyushu University for the 2010 fiscal year.
    The people's revolt which led to Egyptian government reforms is settling down and everything is getting back to normal. Also here in Japan over a month after the tsunamis the situation is much more stable now, which makes it possible to continue the implementation of the program. As announced in the Final Grantee List 14 students from 3 departments (ECE, ERE, MTR) in EJUST were selected and now are able to come to Japan.
    The students selected from last year's program will be able to come to Japan from now up to OCTOBER 2011, so they will have enough time to re-schedule the period of stay with their Japanese counterparts; if a re-schedule is not possible until this period the grant will become due, i.e., its validity will expire.
    Whenever possible, please try to schedule the stay and come to Japan the earliest possible. For students coming to other places than Kyushu University we kindly suggest their (co-)advisors to contact the secretary of EJUST Center in order to adjust the dates accordingly before they submit a new Acceptance Letter. This is due to time needed to prepare flight tickets etc which normally takes about 1 month. Moreover the student should also submit the updated research plan for the new stay period. Once everything is ready we will send the documents necessary for visa application.
    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.