2014 Short-Term Exchange Program between JSUC and E-JUST Universities

Application  is now open.
2014 Short-Term Exchange Program between JSUC and E-JUST Universities

Sponsored by

Center for Japan-Egypt Cooperation in Science and Technology (E-JUST Center),

Kyushu Universiy, Japan.


July 2014

Purpose:To enhance and facilitate  the exchange of graduate students between E-JUST and their counterpart department support members i.e. members of Japan Supporting University Consortium – JSUC (*). To bring young researchers to participate in observational, short-term fellowships under the mentorship of their co-advisors or senior professors related to their research topics/area in both Japan and Egypt. These activities are expected to: (1) explore opportunities for joint research projects, and (2) stimulate students through extensive collaboration with other peers including Japanese students presenting and discussing their research with E-JUST faculty staff, in their area of study and through other intercultural and social activities.

(*) Japan Supporting University Consortium (JSUC) is composed of Kyoto University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Waseda University, Tohoku University, Ritsumeikan University, Keio University, Hokkaido University, Nagoya University, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Osaka University, University of Tokyo and Kyushu University.

Eligibility: E-JUST and JSUC graduate students. MSc and PhD students from any department are eligible to apply.

Documents: Applications must be accompanied by the following documents:

  1. Application form for Short-Term Exchange Program between JSUC and E-JUST Universities which can be downloaded from here. 
  2. Passport copy, including the following pages: passport number, personal information and photograph.
  3. Acceptance Letter from the counterpart host university (JSUC university or E-JUST), including period of the visit, contact info and signature of the faculty/staff responsible for the guest students while in Japan or Egypt.
  4.  (Only  for E-JUST students): Letter of Recommendation from the  department chair through the research committee of E-JUST. The visit must not hinder the performance of the student in courses or other academic activities.

The above documents should be submitted by the deadline at Sakura Building (Bldg. #3) to JICA’s Mr. Setoguchi or Ms. Eiman at E-JUST (E-JUST applicants) or mailed to EJUST Center, Kyushu University (JSUC applicants) to the following address:

EJUST Center, Kyushu University
SUBJECT: 2014 Short-Term Exchange Program
Ito Campus Kyushu University
744 Motooka, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka, Japan 819-0395


Financial Provisions:  Travel ticket and hotel accommodation support for guest students during their stay in Japan or Egypt.

Important points:

  •  Flight tickets and hotel accommodation will be arranged by Kyushu University according to the agreed plan of stay. However, travel insurances and all local domestic transportations in Egypt or Japan are to be arranged by the applicant or his/her home university.
  • Hotel accommodation will be arranged by EJUST Center before travelling and according to the activities and schedule proposed in the visit plan (see “Duration” section below). We might confirm the needs of the period of stay with the host university and adjustments may be applied.
  •  Research facilities and laboratory materials should be provided by the host university.
  •  Research facilities, equipments and laboratory materials should be provided by the host university.
  •  The grants are not to be used for the sole purpose of attending conferences, workshops or teaching.

** In case of attending conferences or workshops during stay in Japan travel, hotel should be provided by the host university.

Duration: 1 (one) week. In exceptional cases, whenever justified in the research or visit plan, up to 2 (two) weeks period is possible (*). All visits should be completed by March 31st, 2015 at the latest.

(*) Although E-JUST Center can support up to 2 (two) weeks it is possible to take this opportunity to have longer stays. In this case the host university agrees to support the student throughout the extra period or some other agreement is met independently between the parties. This can be handy especially for private (scholarship) students who differently from MOHE students would not have a chance to go to Japan.

Number of grants

          ● JSUC → E-JUST: 2 (two) grants (* Note 1)

               ● E-JUST → JSUC: about 10 (ten) grants (* Note 2).

* Note 1: In case the total number of grants is reached in the first round, the second round of selections will not be held.

* Note 2: The total number of grantees may increase according to budget availability.

Important Dates:

Application deadlines for JSUC → E-JUST and E-JUST → JSUC applicants:

²  First Round: September 15th, 2014.

²  Second Round: November 15th, 2014.

Note: The list of grantees and other important announcements are to be announced in E-JUST Center’s homepage.

Selection Process: The applications must be followed by items described in the above “Documents” section and will be analyzed by a committee at EJUST Center at Kyushu University with feedback from JSUC professors (for field specific evaluations). The selection will be based on the contents of the application and plan of activities, English proficiency level and GPA (if available). Priorities are given to master students, private scholarship students and other students in this order.

Other obligations: The grantee is required to:

  • Make a presentation at JSUC or E-JUST, about culture, customs or important matters in historic or recent Japanese, Arab or Egyptian society to improve the mutual understanding and cultural exchange (** The time of presentation or its execution at all is left to the scrutiny of the JSUC host university).
  • Submit a detailed report of activities performed during his/her visit at no more than 1 (one) week after arrival at home university (report format can be downloaded here).
  • Keep all air ticket stubs of all flight segments. We will ask you to submit them after the travel.
Application and Report Documents: 
  1. Exchange Report Template

    Contact for inquiries:

    ➢Email: infoejust.kyushu-u.ac.jp