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第3回 日本エジプト電子・通信・計算機に関する国際会議 JEC-ECC 2015 の論文募集案内

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===========【国際会議 JEC-ECC 2015 の論文募集案内】=============
JEC-ECC 2015
  The Third International Japan-Egypt Conference on Electronics,
  Communications and Computers
(第3回 日本エジプト電子・通信・計算機に関する国際会議)

期間:2015年 3月16日~18日
会場:九州大学 伊都キャンパス 稲盛財団記念館 稲盛ホール
学会 Website:http://jececc.ejust.edu.eg/
学会会場 Website: http://www.inamori-center.kyushu-u.ac.jp/

第3回 日本エジプト電子・通信・計算機に関する国際会議(JEC-ECC'15)を
九州大学 伊都キャンパス (稲盛ホール) において、2015年3月16日~18日の

    ・Communication Systems and Signal Processing
    ・Digital, Analog and Microwave Systems Design and Implementation
    ・Computer Networks, Hardware and Software Engineering

2ページのExtended abstractを以下の期限までにご投稿ください。

以下の投稿管理システム EasyChairから投稿可能です。


Important Dates:
論文投稿期限:    2015年  1月 15

査読結果通知日:   2015年  2月 8日
最終原稿提出期限: 2015年  2月18日
著者参加登録期限:  2015年  2月18日
学会会期:   2015年  3月16-18日                 

* Please feel free to distribute this call-for-papers among your colleagues

Call For Papers

JEC-ECC 2015: The Third International Japan-Egypt Conference on
Electronics, Communications and Computers
Inamori-Center, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan
March 16-18, 2015

JEC-ECC’15 is a venue for collaboration between prominent Japanese,
Egyptian and International researchers from academia and industry
in the fields of electronics, communication and computer engineering.
This is the third edition of JEC-ECC conference to be held in Inamori
Center, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan from March 16 to 18, 2015.
JEC-ECC’15 will include keynote, oral sessions, and special sessions
given by experts on state of the art topics.
Areas of Interest:
Communication Systems and Signal Processing
Digital, Analog and Microwave Systems Design and Implementation
Computer Networks, Hardware and Software Engineering
Submission Guidelines:
The papers should be submitted in extended abstract format including
abstract, introduction, the proposed method/approach, and the
experimental results in up to 2 pages. Papers must be in PDF format and
should include title, authors and affiliation, e-mail address of the
contact author. Both research and application-oriented submissions are
welcome. All papers should be submitted electronically through EasyChair
Please, visit the conference webpage for downloading template and
additional information about the submission process.
Important Dates:
Extended Paper Submission: January 08, 2015
Notification of Acceptance: February 08, 2015
Camera-ready version due: February 18, 2015
Author's registration: February 18, 2015
Conference Dates: March 16-18, 2015